Modern Protector Level 1

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About Course

Participants will learn arrest and control tactics that have high degrees of reliability on the street and while under acute stress. They will also learn, not only when, but why and how to utilize these effective tactics. Additionally, they will learn how to effectively teach the same concepts and techniques to the officers/agents in their respective agencies. Upon successful completion of the course, participants will receive instructor certification. If you're seeking to sharpen your tactical edge, better yourself as an instructor and keep your partners safer...This course is for you!
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What I will learn?

  • Legal updates regarding reasonable use of force
  • Handcuffing & searching techniques
  • Takedowns to controlled positions
  • LE ground combatives & control
  • Weapon protection
  • Edged & Impact weapon countermeasures
  • Counter ambush tactics
  • Teaching methodologies designed to assist new and experienced instructors alike to help their students succeed.
  • Much more...

Course Curriculum

MWT Level 1 Intro

  • Intro


Instructor Development
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Hand Recovery


Team Arrest & Control


Upper Body Weapons

Lower Body Weapons

Positions of Control

Head Control

Arm Control

Hip Control

Ground Fighting

Combat Guard

Countermeasure Drills

MWT Certification Process


About the instructors

Cullan McHarg
Cullan McHarg
Founder, Lead Instructor

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Who should attend:

  • New and seasoned Use of Force/Combatives instructors.
  • Patrol officers
  • SWAT operators
  • Mobile Field Force officers 
  • Training officers
  • Reality Based Training Instructors.
  • Officers seeking to better their understanding of police use of force and who wish to become a certified instructor.